Word Wrap not working in Outlook 2010 2011 2013

I'm testing my design which works nice in everything except versions of Outlook.  I've lost word wrap as it seem outlook isn't seeing my float commands.  This is how I'm coding the images:

<layout label='Text Image Left'>
  <div class="border_1">
  <singleline label="Title" repeatertitle='true' >Title of Article</singleline>
  <img editable="true" label="Logo Image" alt=""  width="120" style="float:left; display:block; padding-left:7px; margin-right:4px !important;" />
  <multiline label="Description" >Description</multiline></div>

Thanks in advance for any pointers

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there torweb, support for the float CSS property is pretty poor amongst all the Outlooks. To work around this, we suggest adding the align="" HTML attribute to elements, like so:

<layout label='Text Image Left'>
  <div class="border_1" align="left">
      <singleline label="Title" repeatertitle='true'>Title of Article</singleline>
    <img editable="true" label="Logo Image" align="left" alt=""  width="120" style="float:left; display:block; padding-left:7px; margin-right: 4px !important;" />
    <multiline label="Description" >Description</multiline>

Align has much better support across the board. Also, if the text still isn't wrapping correctly, try removing the display: block; from the image as well. Thanks, torweb - let us know how you go. If you're still having display issues, please post a screenshot and we'll do our best to help out :)

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torweb, 4 years ago

Thank you for the pointer..!

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