Can Key Pages be customized through API?

Hi there,

When I'm logged in within Campaign Monitor, I can customize my client's Key Pages. For example, I'd like their 'Forward to a Friend' and 'Preference center' to be shown in Dutch. Is there a way to set their language through the API? I can a clients country and timezone, but that doesn't change their language setting.

jamesd jamesd, 4 years ago

Hey there,

Unfortunately you can't customize the 'Forward to a Friend' and 'Preference Center' pages via the API yet.

I've recorded your request and if we implement it, we'll make sure we update this forum topic to let you know.

sowmedia, 4 years ago

Thanks, it'd really save us some time since we have to set this mannually now everytime a new customer subscribes via the API.

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