Custom domain set up - troubleshooting

I am new to Campaign Monitor and am trying to set up my first custom domain name for one client.

Not sure where I've gone wrong but it just won't verify (I've tried both witha nd without the fullstop). I actually find the instructions on Campaign Monitor confusing. Do I set the CNAME details up like this:

CNAME name: [mydomainname]

or like this:

CNAME name: [mydomainname]
CNAME Data: [mydomainname]

Sorry to sound so dense but can someone please just clearly explain to me exactly what my CNAME name should be and exactly what link it should resolve to?

Thanks so much

Stig Stig, 4 years ago

Hi frenzi1,

No worries at all - it's a pretty common point of confusion. The following is correct:

CNAME name: [mydomainname]

Let us know here or [via email|] if you have trouble getting it to verify.

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frenzi1, 4 years ago

Thanks very much Stig, got it all up and running now

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