Automatic blog entry in auto responder

Hello all,

Im putting together an auto responder to our newsletter signup, i would like to automatically pull in the latest blog article from our rss feed at the bottom of the email so we dont have to manually check the box and we can leave the responder to do its thing. Is this possible?

Apologies in advance if this topic has already been discussed , i do become word blind after looking through lots of posts :s

Thanks :)

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi littlefish, I really wish that it was possible to pull RSS content into autoresponders, but we haven't yet bridged that gap yet, sadly. Potentially you could do something clever with custom fields, but it won't be that simple.

Thanks, littlefish! Happy to add your vote for this internally and keep you updated if it's something we add :)

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littlefish littlefish, 4 years ago

Thank you for coming back to me.
No worries, i can update manually-ish until your super troopers add this as an option :)

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