Overlaying text on HTML images

Afternoon all,

I wanted to see if this is possible as a solid workable solution across the various clients. I understand that images are generally not displayed by default and that background images have limited support in some clients. But I have seen a old-ish article from Style Campaign making this work quite well. I am about to redesign several travel email templates, is this something people would advise trying out?

http://stylecampaign.com/blog/2008/06/s … -in-email/


jimmenycricket jimmenycricket, 4 years ago

Background images used sparingly and appropriately can definitely be achieved relatively stress free now-a-days.

You can generate the code to use on this website:



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Redferret, 4 years ago

Yeah it's pretty solid, although I dislike that when you click a VML element in Outlook it highlights it with a marqee

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jodygibbons, 4 years ago

@jimmenycricket - Thanks for the info that website will certainly be useful

@Redferret - Thanks for the tip. I'll keep a beady eye on what Outlook does regarding clicking on a VML element.


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