Gmail issues

so i was have some issues with html text in my gmail.
I normally put my style in my td and I used padding to space out the text away from
the sides, it works well with everything expect gmail.

so i tried putting my <p> and it worked in gmail but outlooks where messed up.

has anyone experienced this crap before

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there Jim Brooks, you have to love HTML email :) If you're trying to create some padding around text in a table cell, your best bet is to use the 'cellpadding' HTML attribute. Your next bet is to try a hack like:

<td style="border-left: 10px solid #FFFFFF; border-right: 10px solid #FFFFFF;">...</td>

Let us know if this solves things for you... And feel free to post your code if you'd like us to take a look!

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