RSS Feed code request - need images to show.

Hi I am new to CM and really think it would be just perfect for what i want.
However, after setting up a test with the RSS to email feed i was disappointed to find no images and also no name appearing after the "Posted by" line.

I read that it is probably down to the RSS on the site itself.

What i am asking is if anyone out there could possible help code what needs to be coded to get it to work as i need or point me to someone who can do this.
My RSS code is contained in a PHP file and i know nothing about PHP.

Also, i need for the feed i currently have set up to contiune to work.

I would assume it is possible to leave that one as it is and have another one created which feeds the CM..but hey maybe thats wishful thinking.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hey there, I just contacted you via email, as we may be able to help with your campaign. Hopefully it's something we can fix together - once we hear back from you, we'll do our best!

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