Facebook subscribe - custom name (and image)

I've just added the subscribe form to a client's Facebook page and have followed your guide:

I'm not sure if the information is current in regards to being able to customise the name of the tab, and figure this might be due to Facebook's "move fast and break things" development policy. Am I missing something here, or does this option no longer exist?

Further to this, is there a way to customise the image used on the tab? Or can I only use either the CM logo or envelope icon (which depends on use of either the branded or white label version).


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there dmcphee - you're right, Facebook have changed up things here. However, the tab name and image can still be edited. Here's how:

- On your page, click the 'Admin Panel' button
- Click 'Edit Page' > 'Update Info'
- In the left column, click 'Apps'
- Under 'Campaign Monitor Subscribe Form', click 'Edit Settings'
- Change the image and title to taste.

I've updated our current instructions as they're pretty outdated now, so big thanks for bringing this to our attention. If you still have issues updating the app, be sure to let us know :)

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