Java Wrapper: Adding a Subscriber with Custom Fields


I am trying to add a sbscriber to an existing list which has custom fields. I understand that only by doing this should work:

subscriber.CustomFields[0].Value=The value;

It runs correctly but then when I check in Campaign, the subscriber has been added but the custom field is empty. This is the full code sequence

Lists listAPI = new Lists(listID, new JerseyClientImpl(clientAPIKey));
Subscribers subscriberAPI = new Subscribers(listAPI.getListID(),new JerseyClientImpl(clientAPIKey));
SubscriberToAdd subscriber = new SubscriberToAdd();
subscriber.CustomFields = new CustomField[] { new CustomField()};
subscriber.ListID = listAPI.getListID();
subscriber.State = "Active";
subscriber.Resubscribe = true;
subscriber.EmailAddress = email;
subscriber.Name = name;
subscriber.CustomFields[0].Value=The value;

Is there something I am missing? appreciate your help.


terryt terryt, 4 years ago

Hi Albert,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The only thing I can see that would be missing is the key for the custom field.  So, you would need something like this:

subscriber.CustomFields[0].Key=The field name/personalization tag;
subscriber.CustomFields[0].Value=The value;

Hope that helps.  Feel free to get in touch if you need anything more!

Terry Tice

Terry Tice
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