What counts as "trackable activity" for soft bounces?

Must the recipient open the email to start CM's "trackable activity", or can CM's reception of a specific (not general) bounce error message from the server/domain count as "trackable activity"? We would like to know so we can more closely track the number of soft bounces-- and deflect removal from our lists after "three times in a row with no trackable activity."
Thank you!

Stig Stig, 4 years ago

Hi Jeremy,

Sorry this isn't clearer in the help topic - I've made a note to add more details on how this functionality works.

By "trackable activity" here we mean activity by the subscriber, i.e. opening a campaign or clicking a link.

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gopinath12, 4 years ago

Is there a term called "soft" bounces? Isn't it just a bounce, meaning that the email was not delivered because of the email address or the server?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi gopinath12, welcome to the forums. The help topic in Stig's reply above describes the difference between the two types of bounces - hard and soft. We distinguish between the two, as while hard bounces are permanent delivery errors, soft bounces can be for a variety of reasons, which can be resolved (eg. mailbox full).

Let us know if you have any questions about this :)

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