Recommendation for a very simple auto reply service?

Apologies for the offtopicness, but there are so many brainy people here.

I'm looking for a no-frills email auto-reply function that I can use to answer incoming emails. For my sins, we're running Exchange here, and - who knew! - it can't do it (above the out-of-office function).

All I can find is helpdesk software with bells and horns, which is far more than I need.

Any thoughts?

There's snow expected in Vienna


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi Jonathan, if you're a Gmail user (or are happy to set up a Gmail account), you can use their 'Canned Responses' feature. It's very powerful way to automatically send responses based on Gmail's filters.

Even if you're not already a Gmail user, you could potentially forward, then re-forward your mail through a Gmail account. I'd do a bit of testing first, though.

Keen to hear other suggestions here, too :)

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jonathan, 4 years ago

Thanks Ros, that's perfect, and does exactly what I need. Almost ...

The canned responses work fine. But they send from "", which is a little tedious.

Thanks though. I'll keep looking.

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