Client Report Access no longing working

Hi all

I had set up a Subcriber List and used the subscribe form on a page of a client site so people can sign up to receiev the newsletter.
I then set up Client Report Access for my client to access the list and see who has subcribed.
It was working beautifully for teh last couple of days - but of course when I get my client to test he reports an error.

He can login to teh client site OK - but when he clicks on "Preview Subscribers" he just gets the message "Sorry, but there's a been a problem , An email has been sent to the site administrator about this error, so it should be fixed soon."

I have tested it and so do I - even though this was working earlier in the day

I have resaved the client report access settings - in case that helped - but nope

Does anyone have an idea what might be happening?
Thanks in advance


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi Laura,

This was a recently introduce bug, thanks for pointing it out. We've squished it now so everything will be working as expected. Sorry for the trouble!

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