Make TD background color editable?

I'm just wondering if it is possible to make the background colour of a cell (<td>) an editable region that the client can easily change?

Thanks in advance.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi Winebox! Thank you for posting this question both here and via Twitter. At present, it isn't possible to have the client manually change the background color of table cells from within the editor, I'm sorry to say. However, we can suggest 2 workarounds:

- Assuming you're adding a background color to say, a row, create a separate layout for each necessary background color
- If the use of background colors is fairly predictable (say in a table with white/grey/white/grey rows), use :nth-child() CSS selectors to automatically set the background color (doesn't work in every client, though)

Sorry about that, Winebox - it's certainly one for us to consider in the future, although admittedly, we find that designers try to narrow down their client's options when it comes to selecting background colors, instead of widening them :P

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