Issue with header images

I am optimizing the header images used on my mobile template, so they are nice and sharp on the iPhone. Tried one of my templates yesterday, setting it at double the width (640 px) and worked fine. Now trying it on a template that has the same code, and CM resizes it to 320 px. I am stumped here. Any thoughts why? Is it a bug?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi Frendina, thanks for posting both here and on Twitter earlier today. For the benefit of others reading this, the reason why this is happening is because our email editor automatically resizes any images that are larger than the editable image defined in the email template. To work around this, you have to host your image on your own server and code the image into your template, unlike uploading it via the email editor.

We'll most certainly consider being able to add images via a URL at a later date, however in the meantime, you will need to fiddle with your template code to take advantage of this optimization for Retina displays.

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