Social Share img links not Shown


I have just coded a design. Everything is working fine but don't know why the social share icons in footer don't show up in any of the email client.

It is shown as a broken image in AOL though, I have uploaded all of the images needed, double checked them but still without a success.

In Litmus test it is shown as OK, I found the problem when I test mailed the newsletter.

Screenshot of the footer for AOL & rest of the clients.

Litmus Results:

HTML Contents:



roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there Tahir, I just took a look at the template in your account and noticed that the social sharing images included editable="true", while also being surrounded by <fblike> etc. I removed this markup from the images and re-imported the template - now, the images are displaying fine and the social sharing links work as they should.

This is a very easy mistake to make, so no sweat :) Hopefully you have better luck now!

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