New subscribers to list. How do they get a campaign?


I have a very basic question... I have created a subscribers list and sent a newsletter  campaign for the first time. People sign up manually through my website to the list, which means I manually add subscribers to my campaign list.

My question is: Until I send a new campaign, do I need to resend the first newsletter to each one of the new subscribers? Of course when I send a second newsletter, I will add the new subscribers to the primary list.

If I add a subscribe in the newsletter campaign through Campaign Monitor, will new subscribers automatically receive the newsletter already sent, or do I still need to resend to each one?

Thank you for clearing this up!!
Most grateful!!

Stephen, 4 years ago

Hey turisibbi,

Thanks for your question and yes, just to confirm, at present your new subscribers - which you're manually adding yourself - won't be sent your previously sent campaign unless you specifically choose to edit and resend the campaign yourself.

While we do have an autoresponder feature, subscription-based autoresponders are currently only triggered when an individual is added to your list via a subscribe form or via the API, but not when you add them manually to a list yourself.

You can also segment your list  and resend your original campaign to your subscribers in one go after a few days if you wish.

Thanks again and I hope that helps.

turisibbi, 4 years ago

Thank you very much!! I think this resolved my doubts :) Have a nice day!

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