Help! I removed my list instead of deleting it to start afresh!

I've raised a support ticket but need urgent help.

I had imported my membership site buyers' list into one list.  I then decided to segregate the list into three separate lists to correspond with my members' membership level (ie, standard, silver, etc)

I cleaned my entire list by removing all those who had unsubscribed and/or had refunded and then proceeded to import those again only to find that because of my stupid error in choosing 'remove from list' which effectively unsubscribed them, instead of simply going to my original lit name and pointing to the recycle bin and deleting the list, I'm now unable to proceed!

Can anyone help, please?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hey there Jamie, it looks like Fi from our support team got in touch earlier via email, requesting a few more details from you. As well as responding, you may want to check if these removed subscribers are now in your suppression list, which may be preventing them from being re-imported. It could be simply be a matter of removing subscribers from this suppression list.

Thanks, Jamie! We really hope we can help out here.

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