Adding new custom fields to lists

I have about 20 lists that all need a unique custom field added. I have exported the lists, added the custom fields and saved them all as .csv files.

When I update and import a list, I noticed the only status that is imported is ‘active’.

Is there a way to keep the previous list the same, including bounced, unconfirmed and deleted and just have my new custom field added?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hey there Dave, what you need to do in this situation is create the custom field in each of the lists, from within the app first. Then, in order to add/update values for each of your subscribers, you only need to import lists of email addresses and custom field values. All other details like subscriber history should remain unaffected.

Hopefully this helps - let us know how you go :)

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