How to use CustomFields in Campaign body??

I am adding custom options like

$sub = array("EmailAddress" => $testEmail,
               "Name" => "Test Mail",
            "CustomFields" => array(
                                                  array("Key"=>"link", "Value"=>"")
            "Resubscribe" => true);

and in campaign body I am using it like :
copy [link] in your browser. [link] should be replaced by but not done. Can you please tell me what wrong I am doing??
Sorry for my poor English.


Stig Stig, 4 years ago

Hey Adeel,

That's odd - I can't really see why that wouldn't work, assuming the custom field value is being added correctly and all lists added to your campaign have a "link" field.

However, it is typically safer to drop the protocol (http://, https://, etc.) from the custom field value, and hard code it in your HTML instead.

<a href="http://[link]">Your link text here</a>

If that isn't working for you though, could you send us your account URL and an example draft, so we can have a look?

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