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Hi everyone,

I was hoping for some advice. I'm trying to put together a HTML email that can be printed and used as a ticket, so I'm trying to create a workable print version. I've just read an interesting blog posting elsewhere on the site, where someone suggests using the following tag: <style type="text/css" media="print">. This apparently enables the @media rule in most email clients. But I'm a little unsure where this tag should sit in an email? Do I use my normal <style> tags in the same way as I usually would?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated! Please see below the blog posting I mentioned....

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago


You would put that into the head of your html email, just like you would with any other stylesheet block. Normally you would combine that with a separate style block with media="screen"

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charlesholmes, 2 years ago

Looks like that idea is much complicated, why not make a form that can use HTML or a file on your MS word containing the layout on your printable ticket and attached to your email or simple add on your signature.. isn't it that simple? This sites also offers several services pertaining to your needs specially when it comes to printable materials.

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