cross-list suppressions/removal


I have a client with 2 lists, A and B,  that receive variants of an eNewsletter: list A receives the prospect edition and  list B receives the customer edition. Contacts can only receive one edition.

I get a regular update from the client of contacts that have become customers during the previous month.  I need to therefore transfer these contacts from the A (prospect) list to the B (customer) list. I do this offline currently but is there a better way to do this in CM?

There is a client-wide suppression list in place so could I set up 2 suppression lists, one for A and one for B and the update these each month ie add A contacts to the B suppression list and vice versa.  I think this would work but then how would I know which were true opt-outs/hardbounces in the suppression list?


Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Hi bluesnapper. Have you thought about setting it up so that your client only has 1 list and use segments to pull out the 2 groups,  customers and prospective? Then when moving from one list to another you just need to update that field.

For example, you import everyone with a field called Group. For customers you enter customer in that column, and prospect for prospects. Then go in and set up 2 segments, one that includes only subscribers marked as customer or prospect. So you can send to those groups separately. Then, if a prospect becomes a custom you just need to change the group from prospect to customer and they'll be moved to the customer segment.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
bluesnapper bluesnapper, 9 years ago

Thanks for your response. Your suggestion might work but I assume the custom fields would need to be consistant across both lists (which they aren't currently)?

The customer dbase I get from the client includes ALL their customers (my client's reporting limitation) not just new ones; I still have to do a lot of dbase work to get it into shape where I know which are the new customers. I was hoping to have some way of importing all customers into CM and get CM to suppress any that are also in the prospect list...

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