Add a Subscriber to a list Format/Encoding required


File : subscriber.xml containing the New Subscriber Details

<Name>David1 Baggio</Name>

When I do a Post I Encode my API key as part of the HTTP Header

I use the actual Listid ( Not encoded) as the filename.xml

Do I need to Encode the XML data I am sending with the Request ?

The Delphi Mehod I am using to Post is:

1) Write the Subscribers Details to a XML File

2) Load the file into a MemoryStream

    sending the data as a Memorystream

4) The Response is Loaded into another Memorystream

The above Method works fine for retrieving information on Active Subscribers in the
same list :


Any Ideas ?

Phil Phil, 5 years ago

Hi icadretail,

You would know better than us the ins and outs of Delphi, but if that works well enough for GET methods then i would say you're on the right track.

With the post just make sure of these things:
1. Your Delphi code uses the appropriate http verb of POST
2. the xml is encoded properly for xml (there are some illegals characters, like &, which need to use proper xml-encoding)
3. An empty CustomField might result in an error. If you have no custom fields, just submit an empty collection, ie:


In terms of your pseudo-code, writing the xml to a file and then reading from that file does seem like unnecessary overhead; I would suggest looking into the possibility of writing your xml directly to the response body instead.

Hope that helps :)

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