Pintrest or Get Dynamic Image Path

anyone know how to get pintrest to work on a client uploaded image into a template?
or better yet, how about how to call that image once its uploaded

<a href="[webversion]&amp;media=[2]&amp;description=View%20The%20New%20Me">

need to fill in [2] of the above link wondering if there was a [getimage] or something of that nature that requires not js

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hey there rosemontmedia, unfortunately there isn't a way to dynamically get an image in a template, I'm sorry to say. Naturally, this makes things fairly tricky when working with templates - in the interim, you may have to edit the Source in a multiline field and manually add an image path, or update the template each time.

Naturally, we'll add your vote internally to add a Pinterest social sharing tag (like our Facebook and Twitter ones) and keep you posted on this one. Sorry for not having an easy answer here!

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