Outlook email forwarding paragraphs inserted between tables


I've created an HTML email and tested it in Outlook 2003. It's working fine in that, but, if forwarded with 'Use Microsoft Office Word 2003' to edit email messages' turned on, it inserts an empty paragraph between each table so that there are big gaps in the design.

It's an important issue for my client as she wants to ensure that people can forward the HTML email without this happening and won't have the opportunity to instruct them about which options to have turned on.

The other, related, issue is that I'm assuming that in Outlook 2007, which always has the MS Word editor turned on, this problem would occur in the display of the email anyhow.

I've tried:

- removing any spaces between start and end <table> tags
- removing any HTML comments
- removing the doctype

Any help greatly appreciated!


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