Paid gig! In need of a smashing coder to help with mobile!

Hi all,

I work for a country office on an international NGO in New Zealand. We've got limited budgets, but unfortuantely we've stretched my coding skills a bit too thin.

My internal designer is currently bevering away on new email templates with mobile variations, but unfortuately she's old school and doesn't do HTML/CSS.

My hack jobs have seen us through but I need to tidy things up, but my current supplier isn't really in the price range.

If you're interested in helping us out let me know :)


mailerforge, 5 years ago

Hi Rich,

we're currently developing an email template creation web app and i'd be happy to create you an account and walk you through some templates - we support mobile variations out of the box.

Take a look at for more info or contact me at if you need a hand!

alexhardy alexhardy, 5 years ago

Hi Rich,

If you're still looking for someone to help you with your email templates,
drop me an email at:

me [at] alex [dash] hardy [dot] co [dot] uk

Kind regards,

andy_newsletter, 5 years ago

I can help fix that problem.
Contact with me my email: quocanh1801[at]gmail[dot]com

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