Outlook 2010 is messing up my nav buttons??

All other email software seems fine but for some reason 2010 seems to mess up padding/margin for my buttons could some one have a look, not sure what else to do??

link to email:

screen shot:
Screen shot

lister, 5 years ago

I had a review of this file and noticed the padding around the a tag. The problem I had was extra padding was being added in outlook 2010. So I applied the padding in the cell. The only problem I had was the a tag had a smaller click area, so I applied a span tag inside the a tag and adding a little padding here to enlarge the click area (only slightly). It seems to work..

Step, 5 years ago

Hi there,

The link to email: isn't working "404".

With regards to padding and margins for Outlook 2010.  Padding does not work properly, and people tend to use margins instead.

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