Add new members to a list using the custom fields within CM account

When you edit a subscriber, you get the nice UI that includes the custom fields that were created for that list, but if you want to add new individual subscribers using those fields, you need to do it from a spreadsheet or a form that you've added to your website.
Since the edit function already includes all the fields, shouldn't it be most of the way there to add a new subscriber the same way?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hey again BraceRosso, thank you for your earlier post, as well. Having a consistent experience when you manually add new subscribers is certainly something for us to consider. While our current workflow is optimised for copying and pasting from a file, it would be awesome if all available custom fields were on display and editable.

I'll most certainly add your vote for this internally and let you know how we progress. As always, great suggestions from you here - keep up the awesome work!

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