How to get an xml result from .net api

Hi all,

I am using the createsend-dotnet dll for getting results from my list.
I've checked that the following piece of code returns results successfully. The question is how can I get the same results in an xml format so I can loop easily over  it and find what I need to find.

List<SubscriberDetail> allSubscribers = new List<SubscriberDetail>();
PagedCollection<SubscriberDetail> allresults = list.Active(new DateTime(2011, 04, 01), 1, 1000, "Email", "ASC");

Any ideas, help would be appreciated.

Cheers, Giorgos

Phil Phil, 5 years ago

Hi Giorgos,

The createsend-dotnet dll actually does all communications with our servers in json, not xml. If you want xml, i'm afraid you'll nee to download the source modify the serialisation code.

But that aside, you've already got a List of SubscriberDetail - that's pretty easy to iterate over. Is there any particular reason you need the results in xml format?


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