Old billing vs new billing


I'm upgrading our system from the old API to the new API. One of the things that appears to have changed is what you call the billing types. In the old system, we used UserPaysOnClientsBehalf. In the new system, you have PAYG and Monthly.

How do I go about setting either PAYG or Monthly to be the same as the old UserPaysOnClientsBehalf billing type? I don't know that I really understand the difference between the three types.



roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi rjbrian, welcome to the forums. The v3 API equivalent of UserPaysOnClientsBehalf would be setting '"ClientPays" in setpaygbilling. You can set this to true or false.

As you mention, we only had PAYG as a payment option in our old API - now we have monthly plans, we've now got a methods for PAYG and monthly, each with 'ClientPays' expected in requests.

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