Editing the content of an existing campaign

Hi; I set up a campaign for a client in a pre-designed template a few days ago.  However, when I went back to my list of draft campaigns and opened it so that I can edit the body content, I can't find an option to do that.  I can edit send/receive and subject line details but that's about it.  Am I missing something?

Also, the template was created and is managed for my client by a third party supplier that hosts Campaign Monitor.  Would they be able to change the accessibility on their side?

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roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Natalie, welcome to the forums. In your draft campaign, can you see the Edit button, highlighted below?


If not, there's the possibility that you're logging into the account using the client's credentials and under 'Account access and billing settings', 'Create and send their own campaigns' has been unchecked (this is only visible when logged in as a designer).

Clients cannot change their permissions when logged in using the client login/password. The third-party supplier may have given you the client credentials, therefore limiting what you can do in the app.

Thanks, Natalie! Let us know how you go :)

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NatalieM, 5 years ago

Hi Ros

Thank you for the welcome - and for the advice.  I think the scenario you've described is exactly what's happened.  I'll go back to the third party - I'm sure it'll be sorted out from there!

Thanks again :)

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