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This may seem odd but I have a camp that wants to send it's emails with Dear, First name.

That's fine

When they want to have the recipient "LIKE" they want it to link to a Generic version of the same email.

So I created a new template exactly the same as the NAME version Took the name and fall back out. I sent that as a campaign to myself and the client only.

I used that url in the meta data for the Open Graph Tags

I used the url from "view in browser" see above
Then went to the NAME version added a like but but instead of liking this newsletter I set the url to the url (
I used in the generic campaign (which I sent only to the client and myself)

However in Facebook it is linking to this.

The goal is to have the link in Facebook to the generic version online however it continues to go to an email WITH A FALLBACK... Dear [Camper]

Sorry very frustrated

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi thinkhousedesign, welcome to the forums! I can see a few things are happening here. To cut a long story short, the <og:url> tag in the generic campaign is actually pointing to the personalized version. This is likely to cause issues. What you are best off doing is:

- removing the <og:url> tag from the generic version of the email. Instead, just add a 'Like button' to this version using <fblike></fblike>.
- Once you send the generic version, get the share link
- Add this share link to the <fblike> tags on the personalized version like so: <fblike likeurl=""></fblike>

Note that the URL you provided is only accessible when you are logged into your account. To share a campaign with everyone, use the campaign's share link instead.

Thanks, thinkhousedesign - I hope that sorts things out for you. Note that Facebook caches campaign content - see this thread for details. Let us know how you go :)

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