Remivng subscribers from all lists temporarily

Is there a way to remove a lot of subscribers in bulk from ALL lists they are a part of for, say, 2 weeks, and then put them back into their appropriate lists for future mailings?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi chuckcheeze, welcome to the forums! At present, it isn't possible to temporarily remove subscribers, unless you code something up using our API. Another option is to create a 'Pause campaigns until' custom field and for each campaign, send to a segment where 'Pause campaigns until' equals, or is after the present date. The latter option may require a bit of manual work creating segments for each campaign, but subscribers will be able to set this preference in the preference center.

This is functionality that we've had requested from time to time, so I'll happily add your vote for this internally and keep you posted. Many thanks!

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