Reply-to address not receiving autoreplies

I've been trying to change our reply-to address for a campaign we're sending this week; however, when I do so and send a test email, the new reply-to address does not receive autoreplies. It does receive actual message replies though.

A little bit of background that may or may not be useful: In general, we use the same reply-to address for all of our email campaigns. However, earlier this year when we tried to change it and ran an actual campaign, the new reply-to address did not receive any autoreplies either.

Any idea what could be going on? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Diana Diana, 5 years ago


I believe I replied to your support email as well, but just to reply here. By autoreplies, do you mean out of office emails? If so this other forum thread might be of help. Unfortunately, those autoreplies send to the address that the receiver defines, not necessarily your reply-to address. So you're not always going to get replies to your reply address.

D. Potter
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