Separator line between each section when using template builder


I have recently set up some campaign monitor email templates for my business using the 'Simple Announcement' template in Template Builder. I have designed/added a custom header and then downloaded the HTML so that I can make some additional edits.

I have managed to successfully complete most of the edits I want to do, but I am having issues with the last one. I basically want to build a separator line into the template so that each time I add some new content it automatically includes a line between that section and the next. I have created an image for this (640 pixels wide with a 620 pixel wide line) and included it within and want to know the best way to ensure that it appears as a break between every section of text/images.

Any advice would be much appreciated. I have basic level HTML skills.

Many thanks for your help.


marchman, 5 years ago

You can make a simple divider using a table row and no image.
Depending on how the template is setup you would include a

<tr> <td height="1"> </td <tr>
or a full table
<table width="640"> <tr> <td height="1"> </td <tr> </table>

at the bottom of the separator. Make sure the td has a height as mac mail tend to fill them in.

LouiseG, 5 years ago

Many thanks for your help :)

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