The new edit window is way to small for source/html view

Overall I am loving all of the recent changes to CM, but this one drives me nuts. I frequently use the source/html view to edit my campaign content. The way things are set up now, the edit window is so tiny as to be unusable for viewing and editing the html code. I end up having to paste the code into my text editor to make changes and then paste it back into the CM edit window when I'm done. This becomes annoying after 2-3 round trips, and seriously bothersome after a few campaigns.

Is that window resizeable and I'm just missing something?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi admin.easycare, thank you so much for your feedback here - mind me asking, is this in regards to the 'Edit my HTML' tab on 'Step 2.2: Edit your campaign content', or the source view in the email editor?

Once we know for sure, we'll certainly get our design team to look into this for you.

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