Custom CM Platform Tab

Is there anyway to add a new tab to the campaign monitor platform?-- Poking around, I don't see a way...

I would like it if I, a CM reseller, could add a custom tab to the CM platform (where there's currently Overview, Create/Send, Lists & Subscribers, Reports). When clicked, the custom tag page would load in whatever content I wanted, in the way of an iFrame... So, for example, I add a "Tips & Tricks" tab that, when clicked, would load my Email Tips & Tricks Blog. A client would see a tip they wanted then quickly (& seamlessly) utilize it in a campaign...that would definitely allow me to better sell clients CM products and also lead to more campaign sends.



roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi decubing, thanks for the awesome suggestions and welcome to the forums! At present, there isn't a way for designers to add custom content to the app - it's something we're certainly happy to keep in mind, but don't have any imminent plans to do as yet.

Note that the 'Help' link in client accounts contains quite a bit of relevant information and we'll certainly be adding more in the future. Thanks again for these great ideas!

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