Reporting period for autoresponders

I have been running an autoresponder for about 5 months, it's done fairly well without too many changes but now I want to play with subject lines/content to record changes in the results and see what works best.

However I have noticed there is no time period reporting. I can choose 'All time' or 'Last 30 Days' but this just changes the graph, not the stats. My total sent shows about 30,000 in both cases, which is not the case.

What are the chances of getting these reports extended a little so myself and others are able to track what impact (if any) changes to the autoresponder subject line/content are having?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi OllyPercival, I'm happy to add your request for this - while extending the reports for autoresponders isn't in our immediate plans, we may well consider it in the future. I'll note your interest internally and keep you updated as we progress :)

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