Plain text email for mobile

I know the standard best practice for formatting plain text emails has been to limit the character length to around 65 characters per line, but considering that many users are viewing the plain text emails on their Blackberry's & other mobile devices, do we need to address this issue again? Using the formatting mentioned above, when those plain text emails are viewed on say, a Blackberry, those line breaks make for an unsightly message. With the advent of the use of @media queries & responsive layouts for HTML email, would it make sense to simplify the formatting of plain text email & do away with forced line breaks to allow the users' device to determine the flow/line length?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi gdhog79, this is really a matter of personal preference and how your email is being viewed, as per your email client reports (assuming you send HTML email, not just plain-text only). If there's still a chance that your subscribers are using older email clients, or prefer reading plain-text in their desktop email clients, then there's still valid reasons to keep the line breaks. But otherwise, there's no harm in taking them out.

At some point down the track we may revisit this, so thanks for the heads up! I'll make a note internally and let you know if it's something we consider tweaking in the app.

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