Suppression list cleaning


I have a good customer who has seen their suppression list grow to over 7000 addresses.
We want to clean this list for them of all but those who actually UNSUBSCRIBED over the last few years and start fresh again in the new year.

Is there an automated way to do this by chance - certainly other than manually!

lmk, thanks / rick

Mathew Mathew, 5 years ago

Hi Rick,

We don't have a way to automatically do that; just to be clear, we do not recommend resending to addresses from the suppression list. For an address to be on there, listed as bounced, it would need to have bounced for multiple campaigns.

It would be safer to send only to addresses known to be valid, as sending to bouncing addresses is a deliverability red flag. We can manually help you if you have very clear evidence of legitimate addresses that should not be there though, via support.

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