print version of newsletter created with custom template?

Hello everyone!
I created an HTML template and have developed a newsletter with it. My client wants to simply strip out the photographs of each article (which is a repeater region in the template) when the end user clicks a "print" button/link.

I imagine that @media is used in this somehow, but I'm puzzled on how to get this to do this with the template rather than a normal HTML document. I have also always used Javascript to do a 'print this page' command and Campaign Monitor/Email Clients strip this out.

Can anyone help me?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi beanunit, this is an interesting one! Admittedly we haven't done a lot of testing in regards to using print stylesheets for a while, so perhaps we'll learn something from this, too.

First of all, both @media print { ... } and media="print" stylesheets aren't particularly well-supported by the popular email clients out there. Nonetheless, you could always try:

@media print { { display: none !important; } }

As per our earlier blog post, this is bound to not work in a few email clients, but may be of help. Let us know how you go :)

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