CM text editor and template CSS


can i transmit into your text editor some CSS from my template?

For example, i have in template set dark background (ex. black) and light text (ex. white). In editor is white background and black text. It's OK, but. If i set some words to yellow (as highlight), then in page all is OK (yellow text on black background), but in editor i see for these words yellow text on white background and this is little more unreadable combination.

If i can set in my template inline style (in header or body), for example, "#editorContent {color: #FFFFFF; backround-color: #000000;}" and editor take this style into content style, then i (and another CM users) will be very happy.

Thank you

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi dedra, thank you for the neat suggestion. Styling up the text in the editor could get a little hairy in other situations, but we'll certainly look at what can be done here. Thanks again - we'll keep you posted! :)

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