How to prevent Gmail from turning phone number into a link?

Hi there,

I sent a test email to myself and my client, and my client says that the phone number that appears at the bottom of the email shows up in dark blue and as a link (she is using gmail in Internet Explorer). I tried wrapping the number in <span style="color: #fff; text-decoration: none">, but it didn't work.

It's strange that she is seeing it this way because when I look at the test email in Gmail and Apple Mail the number looks normal (after sending the test email directly to myself). But when my client forwarded the test email to me all of a sudden the number appeared in blue with the link. Is there a piece of code I can use to prevent the email client/browser from turning the number into a link? And what is causing this?

Diana Diana, 5 years ago


Some email clients will automatically detect things like phone numbers and email addresses and link them, depending on settings.

You might try putting some span tags in there, so something like:

<span>555</span>-555<span>-5555</span> just to break it up and make it less phone number like.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
geeves, 5 years ago

I read this tip on the Email on Acid blog:

I haven't tried this solution but let us know if it works by posting back here and letting us know how you went.

Ara Garabedian
Multimedia Designer/Developer

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