Scheduled campaigns and segmented lists

I know all new subscribers are added to a list before a scheduled is sent out but what about segmented lists that specify did not open?

I've scheduled a campaign to go out in two days (Sunday) and I want it to go people who did not open a campaign sent today (Friday). Will the segment update just before sending out Sundays campaign or does send it to those in the segment at the time of 'booking' the campaign?

Obviously, not great if people get both emails because it didn't update the non-openers.

Carissa Carissa, 5 years ago

Hi Cimexseo,

Welcome to the Campaign Monitor forums! To answer your question, the segment will update just before the campaign is sent, so the people who have opened the last campaign between the time that you scheduled the campaign and when it is sent will not be included.

Campaign Monitor
marcel, 5 years ago

Thanks Carissa!

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