Forward to a friend link for use on landing page

I'm looking to get the 'forward to a friend' link for a Christmas campaign and embed it on a landing page of that campaign. Is there a way for me to get that link before sending the campaign? Perhaps from the preview version?

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum section - I decided here rather than 'Troubleshooting' was best.

Stig Stig, 5 years ago


As mentioned in the reply to your email, the Forward to a Friend can't be used outside of the standard <forwardtoafriend> tag unfortunately. We'd love to hear any throughs you have on how you'd like to customize the Forward to a Friend page though, as per the email.


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antanova, 5 years ago

So, really, I can use it as planned, but will have the inconvenience of waiting for the campaign to be sent before I have the correct URL.

I will copy the URL from the campaign, and paste it into the link on my landing page.

Thanks anyway - perhaps now might be the time to introduce widget code for a FTAF form or the FTAF link so it can be used more easily in the way I'm aiming to use it.

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Diana Diana, 5 years ago


The forward link is actually specific to a single recipient, it isn't a global one that you can use outside of the system. So I'm afraid you wouldn't be able to paste the link onto an external page.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
antanova, 5 years ago

Hmmm, OK, I see. I'll have to think this one through...

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antanova, 5 years ago

Right, I've had a think, and I think I have a workable solution that keeps the integrity of the per-subscriber links and also allows me to insert the link I want into my landing page.

Is this something you're OK with me posting here if I test it successfully?

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roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

By all means, post away antanova - we'd be keen to see the solution you have in mind :D

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