Subscription Link for Email

I'm looking for a link to put in our email so that people have a change to subscribe to the list. I've checked the list of CM tags and all I've found is an unsubscribe link. I know that you can set up a subscription form on a website, but I wanted to set up something I can put in an email so people can subscribe with a click. Does anyone know of a tag or some code that I can use to do that?


Stig Stig, 9 years ago

Hi Joe, welcome to the forums!

Alas, addresses to which campaigns have been forwarded, are not available in Campaign Monitor tags ([email]contains the address it was originally sent to). If they were, this would be possible.

So a link to a simple landing page with a subscribe form is your best option.


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jporritt, 9 years ago

Gotcha! Thanks Stig. And I appreciate the warm welcome too. :)

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