Multiple subheadings

I have built a template for a client (who knows no HTML) which has several layouts but within most layouts there is usually:

<multiline label="Article Body">
   <p>Insert copy here</p>

The problem is that on occasion the client needs a second subheading (or more). I thought that by predifining a subheading in the template they would just be able to copy and paste the subheading to create a new one but when you do this the text is copied but the html element is not (ie it gets pasted as a paragraph rather that an h3).

The only way around this that I can think of would be to have them so into the source editor, but this could be very intimidating for someone who doesn't know html.

Any suggestions?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi carlmanson, welcome to the forums. My suggestion is to create a new layout for this subheading/multiline pairing, like:

<layout label="Subheading with copy">
   <h3><singleline label="Your subheading here"</singleline></h3>
   <multiline label="Article Body">Your content here</multiline>

Using layouts like this will result in the template being as unbreakable as possible - hope this helps!

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