Looking for email template designer

We are looking for a simple template to be designed for us.
We will provide an outline in a Word document.

We would like to insert the header (logo in jpg) and text ourselves as they may change from time to time.
Timing: Completion by end of this Sunday, Brisbane time (Australia) (13 Nov 2011).


SurefireDigital SurefireDigital, 5 years ago

Hi Nan,

I've designed a good number of templates for customers using the CM platform and would be happy to help!  I can be contacted at rob.jones@surefiredigital.co.uk or on twitter as @Jones_Rob!

This should be a relatively straight forward job to do for you - that said I've yet to see your Word file!



Rob Jones - Digital Marketing Strategist

Surefire Digtial  |  rob.jones@surefiredigital.co.uk  |  @Jones_Rob
quomo, 5 years ago

I'd love to help you with this. I work as a designer, but I do understand your needs to as I use Campaign Monitor often and customise it for my clients.
Would be great to make contact via email, or Skype.
Angel Luis Gonzalez

radial radial, 5 years ago

A bit late to the party here but just to provide another option we also design a vast array of emails in the Campaign Monitor platform and could easily get this sorted for you this week. We have a rebrand site where you can look at some of our past work http://www.heliomail.com and you can also take a peek at our main agency site at http://www.studioworks.eu to find out more about us.

+44 1202 375365
rad [at] studioworks.eu

I'm an experienced web and graphic designer with a love for great email marketing content and I'm an active supporter of the Email Standards Project. I'm the founder of Heliomail.com which I use to generate revenue for, and add value to, our current web & e-commerce clients at StudioWorks.eu
emailcreatives emailcreatives, 5 years ago

Hi Nan,

If you haven't selected someone to assist you with the email template, I have designed campaigns for the past 10 years and am available. I do all of my projects through Elance or Guru, here is a link to my blog site so you can access my profiles on both freelance designer sites: http://emailcreatives101.com/hire-me-for-your-email-project/ You can also find me on Twitter @EmailCreatives


Maarit Durity ~ I spend my days designing email campaigns for clients from all over the world. You can find me on Elance, Guru and oDesk. Visti my blog at: http://www.emailcreatives101.com

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