Need a designer to modify existing template

the template is "geomtric" that i found here:

i want to pretty much go with the 1 column format but need to "dress it up" a little without going overboard. I had someone else start on it but they have disappeared on me so all I have is the .png of what they did not the source file. They did not stray to far from the original template so should not be too hard to re-create.

i have all the content and images and if we can talk i can give you some idea of what I want to do to dress it up.

this is a fairly urgent request since my other guy flaked out :(


kmedeiros, 5 years ago

Hi Greg, I can lend a hand.



chrisknox chrisknox, 5 years ago

Hi Greg,

I'd be happy to talk to you -  I just wrapped up another project posted here from SF.



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