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When I am writing longer articles in my newsletters, I only want to put the first couple of paragraphs on and then a "read more" button - can CM expand the text so if a reader clicks on the read more button the rest of the article drops down or do I need to just hyperlink it to a web page which has the rest of the news story? Help please!!!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi AAAA1234, welcome to the forums. As much as we wish we could expand the text, sadly the CSS/JavaScript used to do this on websites just doesn't work in many email clients (in fact, we strip JS on import).

You best bet is to link the 'Read more...' to a site with the rest of the article. Then there's no risk of breaking your design :)

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AAAA1234, 5 years ago


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