Spacer images

Hi team,
I wondered if you could clear up something for me.
Your design guidelines say to avoid spacer images, yet your newsletter appears to have them. Whats more, many of the designs you showcase in the gallery employ the same trick.
So what's the recommendation? Are they a necessity after all? And where do they come into play?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi bluefootcomm, while we don't really recommend them (and in many cases, they're not required), it's really up to your discretion. Spacer images are generally discouraged because they add to load times and when images are disabled in the inbox, litter an email design with little blocked images.

On the upside however, using spacer images to control table cell widths and heights is far more reliable than using empty cells with width and height attributes.

Sorry if that isn't a clear-cut recommendation, however I've gone both ways when coding email newsletters, but generally try to avoid using them if I can.

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